Do’s and Dont’s of Search Engine Ranking

Simple Search Engine Ranking Tactics

When getting into online marketing ranking your website with search engines is the ultimate goal so you can rely on organic traffic to your site and eliminate the constant financial output for paid advertisement campaigns.Dos and donts of online marketing


This all revolves around a few key elements of your site: keyword research, content, and a sound SEO strategy. On this page I’ll just hit on the top 3 no no’s of search engine ranking or better known as search engine optimization (SEO) to avoid being the biggest penalty of all – being deindexed.


What is ‘deindexed’? Imagine looking at a book and trying to find out what information is where in the book. You look to the table of contents to search for it.

Well having your site deindexed is like burning the table of contents, it becomes impossible for users to find your website via search query unless they type in your URL exactly, which in many cases isn’t what happens. Point, don’t get deindexed.

Dont’s of Search Engine Ranking

No No #1 – Link Buying

Many may try to steer you down the blackhat route of buying links to obtain better rankings in the SERPs, DON’T do it. Many of these links come from spammy sites and are not authentic. Link buying is frowned upon by Google and can and will eventually result in all your hard work going down the drain if the site is deindexed.

No No #2 – Copying Content

Don’t take the lazy way out people, it’ll get you nowhere in the end. Google’s algorithms can detect whether the content on your site has been copied from other  sites or if it is original. So if you think you’re going to scam Google and just copy and past from around the web to put a website up to make money off think again.

No No #3 – Thin, Irrelevant, or Non-valuable Content

Why would someone want to visit your page? No no, not so you can make money, think about it from the reader’s view. What value are they getting the help them make a decision on purchasing an item or service?

If you can’t answer that with your site then you’re not providing value to the reader, something Google also frowns upon.

Is there enough content on the site? Or is it just a site with bits and pieces of product information taken from the merchant site? If so they just visit the site directly and achieve the same insights. Make sure your content is lengthy and in depth enough to provide the reader with assistance in determining if the product is best for them.

If your site is about weight loss nutrients you had better not be targeting body building supplements. Google doesn’t like when their users become frustrated because what they are searching for is bringing up irrelevant results because they what happens is they start using other search engines such as Bing.

Provide detailed, relevant, and valuable content!

Google this Google that, Yeah Yeah Yeah

You may wonder why I focus on talking so much about Google and making sure our sites appease to their liking, well Google is the 800 lbs Gorilla in online atmosphere and studies place their market share at 60%-70% of online search volume.

Therefore if you make enemies with them and they deindex your site you can expect ~65 of the 100 people visiting and purchasing through your site a month to no longer be potential customers. Assuming each customer is worth a $30 commission that’s $1,950 less from your previous $3,000 a month income.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy making money so I’ll do my best to keep my sites in compliance with the big G’s policies.

What You Should do for Effective Search Engine Ranking

Google looks at hundreds of metrics in determine a pages value and where it should be placed in the search engines however there are a few that have a bigger play in search engine ranking than others. I’ll hit on a couple of these top tactics you can implement to improve your rankings. I actually developed the SEO guidelines for my entire organization and the list below is just three of what that list entails.

Do #1 – URL

Use the targeted keyword in the URL. For example, if your keyword is “best car batteries” then the page that provides information on the best car batteries that is intended to target that keyword should have a URL structure such as “” as opposed to “”. This helps the search engines better determine what the pages is about.

Do #2 – Image Alt Text

Make sure the alt text and image names are in proper alignment with the targeted keywords. When saving a photo to upload to your page don’t save it with a name like “1245jk359kn.jpg” or “photo.jpg”, it should be saved with the keyword in the file name such as “best car batteries – power 1 battery.jpg”. This will also help users find your page when they do an image search for that keyword. Additionally it’s important to place the keyword in the alt text area as well.

Do #3 – Content Word Relevancy

Google uses technology called LSI which scans through a page to determine whether or not other words in the content are relative to the keyword you are targeting. If you are talking about the best car batteries then you should also make sure the rest of your content includes words relative to that topic such as “power”, “car charge”, “battery life”, “automobile”, etc. This tells search engines that your page provides a wide range on information that is relative.


There are a vast number of other improvements you can make to help you perform better in search engine ranking but for now try implementing these simple changes to see if you can move the dial a bit. In my full training program where I discuss the best ways to make money online I will walk step by step through all the tactics I implement to rank my sites in Google.