Case Study #1 – Best Muscle Growth Supplements

Throughout this site you’ll find various pieces of information to help you perform affiliate marketing at its best. This includes how to’s, valuable time saving tools, and case study examples of affiliate sites I’ve found online and am critiquing.

The first site of which I am placing under the microscope is ‘Best Muscle Growth Supplements‘.

How do I know this is an affiliate site? A large portion of affiliate sites will have domains with terms like “best”, “top”, or “reviews” in the actual URL. They do this to help with ranking for certain terms. Additionally this site has a disclaimer at the bottom stating that it is an affiliate site and does earn a commission for purchases made by clicking their links.

Best Muscle Growth Supplements Case Study

Target Audience

The target of this site appears to be focused on the health industry, primarily bodybuilders. This niche is extremely competitive so proper keyword research is essential to rank, the reward and sales in this industry are usually quite high and frequent though. The health industry is an industry I tread carefully in and always err on the side of caution. My reason for doing so is that if you are promoting something other people will ingest you had better do your research and make sure it is safe, effective, and let readers know what the potential side effects may be. This site does appear to do all three of these, whether or not the product it is promoting is actually effective for every user I can not comment on.

Back to the target audience, there are a flood of products that can be offered for a wide range of health improvements/treatments ranging from diet plans, to sexual enhancement pills, to as in this case, gaining muscle definition. The author, “Tim”, of this page definitely entered a competitive niche where not only are there an abundant amount of supplements out there to gain mass but the particular product (Deer antler velvet) he is promoting also has many alternatives, adding an even further level of competition.


Best Muscle Growth Supplements does appear to have done their research around the product they are promoting. I like the real life comparisons and back story into a bloggers reasoning for why they strongly believe the product is the best for what they are aiming to accomplish by using it. Many affiliate sites will simply scrape product descriptions from the merchant site and use that as content to promote the product. DO NOT DO THIS. Not only are you not actually adding any value to the reader, but you are not taking the time to actually go out and look at others reviews on the product. This is the lazy approach that will get you pinged by Google for duplicate content.

This site does have some sections that appear to be very similar in language to the merchant’s site however there does seem to be some additional research that was done and comparisons between products, each stating why the author believes one is superior over the other. This is good, display multiple products so reader aren’t tunnel visioned into the one product you want them to buy. If you do this in the end you’ll be better respected.

The forum section is a great idea and will help increase my score of this page. This provides a venue for user submitted content and if you get a few active participants in the forum they actually may promote it themselves free of charge just so they can gain more contributors to interact with.


The design is nice and clean as well as mobile responsive. Using the What Word Press Theme Is That? site we can see it is the Daily Dish Pro Theme which is offered through the StudioPress themes. I use these same templates for some of my sites as well therefore think that is a good contributing factor to the website’s score from a design perspective.

I think the white space draws attention to the primary content of the site however for some viewers it may seem to bare bones and not really a site that would provide a depth of knowledge. Sites that look bare may risk being flagged by Google for being a quickly thrown-up niche site wand get hit with a thin content penalty.


It’s tough to get a full view on the SEO strategy of a site due to the vast number of contributors to SEO effectiveness and ranking however based on a pure content I’d say that the primary keyword for the home page is focused on ‘best supplements to build muscle’. There are a couple ways to analyze a webpages SEO targeting strategy.

Keyword Frequency Tools

The most obvious is using a tool like SEOCentro that will show you frequency of keywords. These tools simply have you enter the URL of the page you wish the tool to analyze and it spits out a long list of 1 , 2, and 3 word potential keywords being targeted based on the frequency of them. When using this tool I see that the most common 2  & 3 word keywords being used are:

Though the page may unintentionally rank for some of these terms, my SEO experience tells me these are not the desired keyword targets for a couple reasons. The first being that the 2 word keywords are far too general for a niche site to rank. Without some extremely powerful backlinks and social signals from high PR sites these are too generic to achieve a spot in first place in Google’s eyes. The second reason being the structure of the content which I’ll go over in the section below.

Content Structure

To understand keyword targeting put yourself in their shoes, how do YOU target keywords? Well for starters I’d have my keyword in the meta description. Google the page’s URL in the search bar to see what the meta description is. Write down potential keywords seen within that description, most likely longtail keywords since those are easier for niche sites to target.

Using that list look to the first header on the home page, does it contain any of the keywords used in the meta description? If so then that most likely is the keyword the site is targeting. Additionally the URL itself will target the keyword so look to the URL path structure for keyword targeting as well.

As a double check if there are any images on the page, download them to see the image file name, does that match the header & description keyword? If yes then boom, you’ve figured out the keyword they are targeting which in this case my guess is the longtail keyword ‘best supplements to build muscle‘ for the home page, the second page appears to be ‘best supplement to build muscle‘, the third ‘mass gaining supplements‘, and so on, you can figure out the rest.


Overall I’d say the site is owned by a blogger with a bit of experience in SEO best practices yet I wouldn’t consider them an expert. The market they are entering is very competitive so they should have done a bit more keyword research since I think it will take some time to finally rank this page. The layout could probably use a face-lift but the SEP strategy seems sound enough to maybe rank for some unintentional keywords bringing them some small income in.

Final score: 4/5