Best Ways to Make Money Online

You’re here, you’re interested, now how can you make money from anywhere in the world? Well a little disclaimer first, when I say anywhere in the world I mean anywhere with a strong internet connection.

How to make money online

There’s something special to making money online, the feeling you get when you receive that first dollar feels even better than if you were to earn $20 for an hour’s worth of work by normal means. Why is that? Well anyone can earn money by working a normal job but earning money while you are sleeping, or watching a movie, or at your kid’s soccer game is a completely different story. Nothing beats making money while you enjoy the things you love.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal? I thought so, so here we go…my recommendations for ways to make money online.

The 4 Best Ways to Make Money Online

1. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is probably the most common of the top 3 best ways to make money online. This involves setting up websites to promote products for merchants. Or if you already have a website with good relative to the product or service you wish to promote you can place affiliate links on your site.

How it Works

You earn a commission (which varies) for each sale you send to a merchant’s website by providing an affiliate link on your page to product they wish to buy.

Steps of Affiliate Marketing

Once you have conducted keyword research to determine which products have a high number of people searching for them yet have a low competition rate (this means there aren’t a lot of other sites providing content around those searches) you then look to see if any affiliate platforms offer this product.

My favorite affiliate sites that I suggest signing up for are below. I’ve provided you with a direct link to the signup page as well.

  1. Shareasale (link to signup page)best ways to make money online
  2. ClickBank (link to signup page)
  3. Amazon Affiliates (link to signup page)
  4. MarketHealth (link to signup page)

Once you’ve found a product that seems like it’ll be a good seller and something that doesn’t have a lot of competitors promoting you’re ready to set up your site. This site is just a simple 5-10 page website that provides valuable information around when and why people would want to buy that product.

Aside from registering (which you can do at Namecheap) and paying for a domain the only other cost you’ll incur is a monthly hosting fee for your website. My favorite is HostNine’s reseller account since it allows me to have a large number of domains hosted under one account.

Once you’ve got the site setup you can choose a theme from any of the free templates available through the WordPress theme directory however I suggest using a theme that is more SEO friendly and is mobile responsive. All my sites use the Genesis framework (link) then I layer over multiple other child themes to make them look nicer. Another publisher with great layouts is Thesis, they provide a wide set of clean creative responsive themes.

Over the next year I will be working on a training program with walk through tutorials to teach members how to set up their first affiliate website step by step so they can start making money online.

2. Apparel Design/Promotion

If you have a creative mind and a big social media following then designing apparel for a living may be more up your ally. In previous years many who strove to start their own clothing lines would struggle with finding funding to purchase all the equipment needed to create clothing. This placed the entrepreneur at great financial risk.

Now with innovative companies like TeeSpring you can create custome made tshirts, promote them, sell them, and collect a check all without ever having to touch or store a single shirt.

How it Works

Using an online apparell creator you design clothing which you then promote to others and once there are enough sales for production to begin the clothes will be printed and sent straight from TeeSpring.

Steps of Using TeeSpring

First you’ll need to sign up for an account here (which is free by the way).

From there you’ll determine what type of apparel you would like to create (tshirts, hoodies, etc.), then either use the images and font from the custom design studio or if you have a design already created you can upload it to the site to work with.Best ways to make money online - TeeSpring

Once you’re set on a design you think will sell like hotcakes you then decide how much profit you are looking to make which determines the minimum number of shirts you need to sell before production begins.

After that it’s up to you to promote and push the product to get sales. You can only promote the shirts within a limited time frame so it isn’t something you can drag on for months to get sales. You’ll need to either have a sound online marketing campaign developed or have a large social media following to promote to.

If you unfortunately do not meet the minimum sales requirement for production then the customer’s money is returned and the shirt is not produced.

If you’re confident enough that you can design a shirt that will sell like wildfire and want to express your creativity then this is a great way to make some extra money online.

3. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is amazing, hands down. I’ve used it for so many quick and cheaper tasks that I needed performed and it only cost me $5! Many of my logos for my affiliate sites have been created through a Fiverr gig.

How it Works

For those looking to earn money through Fiverr (instead of spend it like I do) you are able to list your service that you agree to do for $5 and wait for buyers to find you and hire you for the quick job you posted.Best ways to make money online - Fiverr

Steps of Using Fiverr

First is to think of something you are really good at and can do for others online that isn’t too time consuming, you don’t want to spend 5 hours working on a project to only earn $5. It must still be something that provides value though.

Once you’ve got an idea in mind you simply signup for an account and navigate to the “start selling” link and it walks you through the entire process.

What’s great is that you’re not limited to only selling $5 gigs, you can provide add-on or up-sell services as well at an increased cost. These can be services such as promising you’ll deliver the service within 24 hours for $10 instead of $5 or anything else that would add value to the service.

Ideas for selling on Fiverr:

  • Logo creation
  • Social media mention (if you have a large enough following)
  • Content writing
  • Testimonials
  • Guest blogs
  • Etc.

4. Udemy Tutorials

Number 4 on my “best ways to make money online” list is the infamous Udemy (link here). If you have a strong skillset that you think others may be wishing to acquire Udemy provides you the platform to sell your service and make cash.

How it Works

Post training programs that you create to Udemy’s course marketplace where individuals search for skills they’re wishing to acquire. They then signup for your course if it’s of interest to them, pay the fee you charge (less Udemy’s listing fee), and as they watch through the videos at their leisure you earn money.

Steps of Using Udemy

The first step is to identify something that you know well and can easily and clearly teach others. Examples of such trainings are teaching Excel, Photoshop, SQL, web development, or anything else that you think someone would find enough value in learning to pay for your course.

Once you’ve nailed down what your course will be about you then must develop an outline for how you’ll expose students to the content, i.e. the overview, what they’ll learn, intro 101’s, the major content, and how to apply this. Once this is finished you start at step one and record your trainings. You can use any screenshot software out there, Screenr is a good free one to try out.

You should also supplement your training program with PDF’s, slide decks, and sample test documents when appropriate. This allows the students to learn via multiple channels and become more actively engaged when they have an actual document you attach for them to work in.

Once this is all created you go to Udemy, sign up as a teacher and walk through the process of uploading your course, how much you’d like to charge, and how to manage it. This is also a great source of passive income since you don’t have to actively teach the course every time someone enrolls, they just watch when they want and you reap the benefits!



There are numerous other ways that I am less familiar with such as taking online surveys to earn money (as this site promotes), virtual consulting (like Elance), fitness promotion, and many more. It’s really up to what your interests are and how much time you want to put into your online business.