About Me

I’m just a normal guy who like everyone else in the world, wants to find more time to do the things I love to do without spending 5 days a week just to be able to enjoy 2. The work your life away thing doesn’t really work for me.

I want to be an entrepreneur, a success story, a mentor. I don’t want anything given to me unless I’ve earned it so that when I get to the top I can say I did so proudly.

A little background on myself; I come from a small town where during my elementary years I went to school in a one room school house with one other kid in my grade. I by no means was born with a ‘silver spoon’ in my mouth and appreciate a day’s work of good hard labor. I also appreciate education and learning new things hence why I left my tiny town to pursue my college degree in marketing then advanced onward to obtain my MBA.

My first professional position was as a marketing analyst in the health insurance industry (yawn, I know). I felt severly underpaid and overworked for what I was doing there yet didn’t feel like moving from the rural area I loved into the hectic life of the big city so I looked for alternative ways of making money.

This led me to various methods of making money online, all of which I’ll cover throughout this site. The first of which is affiliate marketing, which is a method of advertising that allows you to gain commissions on products people purchase through a website you setup to direct them to the merchant.

Now I’ve seen some pretty crappy affiliate sites out there that just scream “I am definitely an untrustworthy affiliate site.” Therefore a portion of this site will point out flaws I’ve seen in other site’s design as well as highlight a few good sites to model yours after should you choose affiliate marketing as your means on generating a new income stream.

As you navigate through my site you’ll be exposed to a whole new means of making money online from anywhere in the world. Welcome aboard the money train that’s leaving your mundane job in the rear view and never going back.